Parenting Student Organizations at UCLA

Parenting Students at UCLA (PSUCLA) Parenting Students at UCLA (PSUCLA) serves a diverse population of students and is dedicated to providing assistance and support of the academic and personal success of student parents and those with dependents at UCLA. As a supportive community, they are committed to increasing students’ access to and awareness of campus and enrichment opportunities. The group also promotes campus and community engagement that enrich and support students’ academic and professional goals

If you want to get involved, email PSUCLA at Make sure you join their Facebook Group at



The Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA (MOCA) is a student-led collective committed to advocating for systemic support and policies that prioritize the needs of all parenting students, faculty, staff, and service workers. 

Instagram: mothersofcolorinacademia
Facebook: MOCASdeUCLA

Students with Special-Need Children

Students with Special-Needs Children (SwSNC) is a support group at UCLA that empowers students who are parents to children with special needs through advocacy, education, compassion, and empathy. Open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. 

Contact: Hannah Nahm,

Non-Traditional Students Network

From the SOLE website: The UCLA Non Tradition Student Network is an organization and support system which brings together all UCLA students who are returning to higher education after pursuing various walks of life. We assist students with facilitation of resources, and advocate for our growing community which is fostered by non-traditional students, advocates and amazing faculty. Our Mission: As the Non-Traditional Student Network is to function as both a social, academic, and institutional support system for the diverse and growing demographic of nontraditional students at UCLA. What is a non traditional student?

-Anyone returning to school after taking a break from their educational goals.
-Working professionals finishing a degree or working on a new one.
-Parents returning to school after starting a family.
-Students returning from military service.
-Older students returning to school after taking time off to pursue other life goals.
-Transfer students
-Commuter students
-Married Students
-Students who work full-time while enrolled and are financially independent. 

The "non traditional student" experience, and identity, falls outside of a traditional high school-to-college path. 

Contact: or Visit:


If you live in University Village, be sure to join the UASRA Group on Facebook (University Apartments South Residents Association). It is compromised of residents of University Village, the majority of whom are students with dependents. Please contact the Students with Dependents program, however, if you need assistance connecting with other student parents regardless of whether they live in University Village or elsewhere off-campus. 

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